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Outstanding value, innovation and italian styling


Monolitic and takedown

This peculiar bow was born for hunting purposes and after long studies to get rid of curves, at the same time trying to keep the same features.

As all of you well know a curve however short it is, can be streched as far as 30" or more lengthenings, thanks to the curves which allow the limbs to work in the upper part preventing the part near the riser from breaking; the only problem is caused by the rope when loosened which, bumping against the curves of the limbs, makes the typical sound of curved bows when they shut.

Hunting flat bow would be fantastic but being very short and not possessing any curves the limb dangerously works near the riser particularly with high draws

I managed to make a sinusoid on the limbs, and by making it work in the exact part of the limb itself, to solve both problems ( prospective breakings and noise when shutting) .

The bow is absolutely vibration free, very fast, precise, light and intuitive. While observing the limbs in slow motion when they shut you can observe how they shut in a very sharp way and with exceptional side direction stability.

You can, safely, use this curved bow with same additional pounds which is certainly positive in hunting, because of its particular geometry allowing it to be stretched with equal pounds with exceptional fluidity, which will be certainly appreciated by hunters when, after many hours of three stand in the cold, ( if lucky) will have to suddenly stretch a strong hunting bow without warming up.

In competitions SSR is in the category of curved bows.

The wood for a ready delivery bow, depend on the availability of the moment, building time is about 30 days.

By request it is possible to integrate bidirectional carbon plates woven at 90° to the limbs and add phenolic resins to the riser to increase its statical mass.

Warranty lasts one year and includes the total replacement in case of manufacture faults.

Available in models from 56" 58" 60" respectively for draws from 26" to 28" - from 2" to 29" - from 28" to 31" with power by request, rope in fast flight - advised brace eight from 8" to 8" 1/2.

Available also monolithic.