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Outstanding value, innovation and italian styling

Sir Lancelot Longbow en

Reflex Deflex


This long bow comes with extreme geometrical features, however, in spite of a being a radical long bow ( extreme reflex deflex) it complies with IFA specifications which have not got any counterbending limbs as regards project features it has not any negative stack in the final part of traction which you immediately feel fluid and dynamic.

The bow has been devised in order to give the arrow a very taut and precise flight with very little energy loss while keeping very good stability thanks to a balanced back set.



As regards a ready delivery bow, the type of woods depends on the availability in that moment.

The building time is about 30 days , on demand it is possible to integrate carbon plates in the limbs thus increasing the antitorsional capacity of the limbs and phenolic resins in the riser to increase the bow whole static mass.

Warranty lasts one year and includes replacement in case of manufacturing faults. It is available in the models from 62 to 66" length with power by request, rope in fast flight.

Now available also in Take Down model advised brace eight from 7" to 7" 1/2.


Old Fashion


The wide range straight longbow amateur prompted me to try my hand in the construction of a longbow that respect the traditional geometry of avoiding excessive penalty in performance, both in terms of output speed of the arrow, which in smooth traction, I think I succeeded creating a bow with a very special geometry of limbs.
The great number of people appreciating straight longbow got me to try to make a long bow complying with traditional geometries and at the same time avoiding excessive performance lessening both as regards the arrow exit speed and fluidity traction, I think I have succeeded in doing so by making a bow with a very particular limbs geometry.

The section of limbs is trapezoidal towards the interior part and increases dramatically in the last third towards the ends, thus causing a homogeneous and soft traction which, however, allows a quick shutting because of the reduced terminal section of the limb itself. In comparison with the first prototypes I have modified the riser window taking it from the radical version one, the final result is a shorter window with a consequent lengthening of the upper limbs and a better balancing of the limbs themselves;

The result of these solutions is a very precise longbow. A core in booster line inserted in the limbs gives a further increase in speed when it shuts. 


The wood materials for a ready delivery bow, depend on the availability of the moment, the building time is about 30 days.

By request it is possible to integrate carbon plates into the limbs which increase the antitorsional capacity of the limbs and phenolic resins into the riser to increase the general static mass of the bow.

The warranty lasts one year and included total replacement in case of manufacture faults.

Available in the models from 62" to 70" length, powers at request, rope in fast flight.  

Brace eight advised from 6"1/2 to 7"



Take Down


This year, after many requests, I have tried to meet the needs of those who asked me the opportunity to have a Take down version of reflex / deflex longbow.

So I started to design a new riser for the limbs of my Sir Lancelot.
I have studied a new grip that would allow greater stability and which harmonizes best with my monolithic longbow limbs.
I managed, mixing phenolic resin and wood, to get a good aesthetics as a valid consistency of the riser itself.

In my opinion with very good result.

Recommended Brace eight  7"3/4


I make this bow on request only.