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Outstanding value, innovation and italian styling

Whistle Recurve

This is a curved bow very interesting both for sport and hunting, its deflected riser gives it very good stability and traction fluidity, negative stack is absolutely absent.

The characteristic of this bow is having in traction initial period a strong weight which increases of few pounds for inch as far as the maximum weight with consequent very strong following shutting.


The wood materials for a prompt delivery bow depend on the availability of the moment, building time is about 30 days.

At request it is possible to integrate carbon bidirectional plates woven 45° into the limbs ensuring greater reliability and antitorsional capacity to the limbs and to add phenolic resins to the riser to increase the general static mass of the bow.

The warranty lasts one year and includes total replacement in case of manufacture faults.

Available in the models of 58" for lengthening as far as 29" and of 60" for lengthening to 31" with power by request, rope in fast flight.

Advised brace eight from 8 1/4 to 8" 1/2.