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Thor recurve 2015


Limbs Sinusoid System THOR 2015

This limb has its origin from the evolution of the well-know triple curvature sinusoid.

In order to getthie new geometry i have modified the first two  curves making them deeper and curving forwards the third one.

I have built the final curve very short thus containing the part of rope leaning on the curve, in addition to that the round shaping allows the part of the rope in contact with the surface to lean on it gradually so reducing the noise and vibrations of end closing limb

The limb is concave from the end of the wedge as far as the beginning of the curve, allowing it to be more plastic in traction increasing the storing of energy, the part of the curve instead is flat and no concave to make the unrolling easier

The limb has no negative stack and, with the same power, allows people to use a softer and consequently lighter arrows.

This is made possible thanks to a very gradual push not giving to much strenght to the arrow soon after release.

Toghether with the coming out of the new limb i have update also the configuration of the riser thus giving rise to a fully new THOR.

  What is likely to impress you most is the unbelievable traction fluidity of this new model,a little help for all   the bowmen suffering from target panic.



 The wood materials for a ready delivery bow depend on the availability of the moment, the building  time is about 30 days.

 By request it is possible to integrate bidirectional carbon plates woven at 45° into the limbs  ensuring greater reliability and anti torsional capacity to the limbs and to add phenolic resins to the  riser  to increase the total static mass of the bow.

 Tha warranty of the bow lasts one year and includes total replacement in case of manufacture  faults.

 Available in the models from56" to 64" with power by request, rope in fast flight.

 Advised Brace eight from 8" 1/2 to 8" 3/4.