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Olympic Recurve Limbs

Olympic Sinusoid curve Limbs

Bending triple curvature with tangential rays variables and opposed (name on the patent) (SINUS).

 The bending is available with attack ILF for olympic arcs, and  is built in bamboo and bi-directional carbon to 90° in the heart using, thanks to the collaboration with Fiberbow of Paul Sabbioni, numerical control machines(CNC).

IS available in sizes from 66" 68" on riser FiberBow 23" or 25" with riser in bakelite 21" FiberWood.

The bending has been successfully tested on riser FiberBow, but is also compatible with any other riser of other brands.

Subsequent tests have led us to advise customers to get off as the length of at least 2" of the fact that the closing angle of the rope to complete pulling, corresponds to about 2" more, practically a 66" Sinus has an angle of closure at the end traction that is equal to a 68" curved.

Further tests demonstrated (for those who want to dare)that the best performance you have with arcs to be 64" in length, to stretch up to 30" we recommend that you a riser 23" bending with short, to stretch from 30" up to 33" we recommend that you a riser 21" long bending.

The main advantages of this bending: vibrations completely absent (the rope does not rattle on curved) stack negative absent, progressive traction without the problem of the closing of the fingers.

THE short arc has a behavior very similar to a compound in closing and are not noticeable vibration of any kind, arc completely stopped.



The flexure has the ability to be pre-loaded with 6# from the minimum  to the maximum adjustment, as not having curved can be used indifferently loading or unloading maintaining neutral its stability Noise of closing completely absent since the rope does not touch on bending, and then arc extremely quiet.


It is a riser, bakelite, 21" with the axial adjustment of the bending, which can be used as riser olimpico, nude, and instinctive (category curved FIARC) and request with wood inserts for the category instinctive FITA.


The advantage of this arc that can be 62" or 64" in length and can be used with rocker and the button for races in IFAA curved category, the rest allows you to use a synthetic fin with obvious advantages in case of rain, can be preloaded ach of 6# as in olympic version and allows for the use of a clicker during workouts to help you learn how to stabilize the stretch, for those who goes hunting, the possibility of housing a stack and the use of a viewfinder for compound, absolute quietness in closing and extreme ease of traction.


Powers to request up to 75#